Available Machines

If you see something interesting let me know.
Are you willing to pay me for it?
If so, how much?
You buy it and it is yours to do with it  what you will.
Do you want me to give it to you?
If so, why?
If I give it to you and you sell it I will haunt you.
If the buy is agreed to, cash, check, bank transfer, or money order is the method of payment.
No other method is acceptable.
No Paypal, credit cards, nothing else
Checks must clear before shipment or pickup.
You likely will have to pay for shipping, packing etc.

This is not an auction, has no grounding in any known business practice.
If I feel comfortable with what you offer I'll do it.
I don't pretend to be efficient but will try to be honest and fair.
The only way I want to communicate is by e-mail.
Telephones are too dictatorial and I choose to try to be in charge of my life.
No facebook, twitter, or any other "social" read-me-see-me-watch-me either.
US mail is OK while it lasts and you are patient.

To administrators, collectors, people with money, and  interested others not familiar with using this stuff.
Be aware that very few of the  machines are immediately usable.
Most  of them need connections to synchronization signals, signal routing and display.
Some need time base corrected input signals, it’s not just plug the camera in.
Audio machines might need amplifiers and speakers at least.
These machines need someone capable of defining and maintaining their purpose.
Repair parts might not be readily available.

Make sure you know what you are getting into, a gentle warning.

Using Filemaker Pro Developer self opening files

It is usually easier to have the folder on your "desktop"
Open a folder.
Don't change anything or it might not work
Double click on the  application icon, usually the one with colors (the .exe).
Once the program is running, fish around and see what you find for controls
The fake rolodex image is a control and change the records you are viewing.
Under VIEW you can also change things, try "browse","find", "view as table".
If you get lost go to RECORDS and try  "view all records"
You can't hurt it so try anything you fancy .
I'll try to answer questions.


dowloadable files to review available machines

download ADB_Database_All.zip
download DB_Audio.zip
download DB_Current_Studio_System.zip
download DB_Digital.zip
download DB_Film.zip
download DB_Scanimate.zip
download DB_Studio_Off_The_Shelf.zip
download DB_Video.zip
download ReadThisFirst.pdf
download Directions_for_DB_Usage.pdf


Update: 09-19-2012

The following is a list of machines that are no longer available.

170 ARP 2473 Omni II Synthesizer Keyboard w/ footswitch

708 ARP Keyboard Model 3604-P with Synth Model 2608P

182 Arp (Tonus) Electronic Music Synthesizer 2002 (Arp Model Series 2000, cabinet 2500)

1804 Atari C-240 Video Music

1319 Bode 6552 Frequency Shifter

1320 Bode 6402 Dual Ring Modulator

426 Buchla.  Also CBS Musical Instruments.  Wood box holds models 180, 156, 185 191, 110, 158, 111, 160, 165.  Keyboard model 112.

427 Buchla The Electronic Music Box: Larger metal box Dodecamodule model 212; 

        Smaller metal box Dual Oscillator model 258;Polyphonic Keyboard model 237.

171 The Electronic Music Box; Bayside Model 10140  

183 & 270 Electro Harmonix Instant Replay and External Trigger

1801 Electro Voice, Unidyne,  RCA, Shure, Sony, Sennheiser, Bell & Howell, Sheridan Electro Units Corp, MICROPHONES

167 EML-101 ElectroComp Synthesizer Keyboard

164 EMS 73913 Pitch to Voltage Converter

169 EMS Synthesizer DK 2 Keyboard Modulator   

184 EMS Sequencer 32 SS32

238 EMS Synthi A

164 EMS VCS3a Putney

1321 Fairchild 658A Reverbertron Dynamic Reverberation System

1173 & 1222 Fairlight CVI Compact "Producer" & keyboard used with Fairlight CVI Compact coll. # 1173

428 Fairlight The Fairlight Computer Musical Instrument (CMI)

1154 Furman RV-1

1298 Hammond Solovox Keyboard and Tone Cabinet KB

1299 Korg MS 10

1032 Lafeyette Two Channel Echo Verb II

173 Moog 950 Keyboard Controller; 951 Keyboard Controller

Module Breakout:

  • Modified Addition- Sequential Glide with CV adjust
  • Auto Glide
  • Multiples
  • 901A Oscillator Controller (3)
  • 901 B Oscillator (9)
  • 901 Voltage Controlled Oscillator
  • 903A Random Signal Generator
  • 984 Four Channel Mixer with: VC modules/filters and input processors
  • 960 Sequential Controller (2)
  • 962 Sequential Switch (2)
  • 961 Interface
  • 914 Fixed Filter Bank
  • 905 Reverb Unit
  • CV Input
  • 904-B voltage controlled high pass filter
  • 904-C Filter Coupler
  • 904-A Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter
  • 902 Voltage Controlled Amplifier (3)
  • 911 Envelope Generator with module called "Trigger and Envelope Voltages" for 902 and 911
  • 911A Dual Trigger Delay
  • 912 Envelop Follower

174 & 175 Moog 951 Keyboard Controllers  

180 Moog 1125 Sample - Hold

1310 Moog Prodigy Model 336A; RQ542AS

1316 Moog 1084 Mixer/Amplifier

179 Moog Sonic Six  Synthesizer

176 Moog 901-B Moog Model 10  Modular

178 Moog Mini Moog

177 Moog 2090 Micromoog Synthesizer

707 Moog (RA) 956 Ribbon Controller

153 Roland MC-202 micro composer

166 Roland RE-201 Space Echo

154 Serge Quad VCA; Dual Slope; Function Generator; Audio Mixer

155 Serge Sequencer; Envelope Generator; +&- Slew

156 Serge Programmer; Power Supply

232 Serge VCO; VCF; VCA

233 Serge slope generator; comparator; mixer

186 Triadex MUSE

227 EAB Videolab